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The creation of Eva Engines

Founded in 2019, Eva Engines is an innovative parisian start-up specialised in artificial intelligence and operating internationally in fashion and luxury using the latest technologies to respond to the critical needs of brands and modeling agencies.

After being at Polytechnique School’s start-up incubator in 2019, Eva Engines is now at La Maison des Startups, LVMH, at Station F, the biggest start-up incubator in the world.

Today, Eva Engines offers to find talents for modeling agencies and brands thanks to AI and facial recognition. Eva Engines represents one million profiles of models.

Tomorrow, the start-up wants to offer brands the possibility to generate visual images of their garments.


Credit Nicole Khors – Burst

As a former fashion model and a researcher in AI, Céline Delaugère noticed some inefficiency in casting processes in the fashion industry. Their practices were outdated, they took too long or were too expensive and required a lot of energy, hence she started thinking about the solutions she could bring to fashion brands and modeling agencies using her knowledge of mathematics, data science and AI technologies. Since she was a model, the desire to build something real addressing this particular issue started growing in her head. Little did she know that she had met her future associate David Zerah, while studying at Paris Dauphine and that she would later on, ask him to join her for the adventure…

In 2019, David, a central engineer, received a message from his classmate Céline, presenting him her project to positively change the fashion industry. Formerly in the animal health field, David realized that the fashion industry appeared so obsolete when it came to technologies that he had to accept Céline’s proposition to discover a whole new industry, one in desperate need of a transformation.

When Céline received a positive answer from David, she stopped modeling to focus on Eva Engines and with strong entrepreneurs mindsets, they became the two founders of Eva Engines in 2019. By combining what Céline knew of the fashion industry and both David and Céline’s cutting edge technology knowledge, many ideas for solutions came to them, until one that was worth exploring : a search engine for models. Less expenses, faster results, more diversity… when thinking about what the fashion industry could benefit from this, they researched and developed their technology. From this, they launched their first product in 2020 : Eva Search, which is now used by modeling agencies all around the world.

Model : Vaiora Stroganoff

To this day, Eva Engines’ team is constantly working to improve the life of fashion businesses and talent agencies. In addition to Eva Search, the fashion tech start-up will soon add another solution for brands capable of generating images with AI.

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