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Please Magazine : Céline Delaugère talking about Eva Engines.

This is a little sneak peek of Céline Delaugère talking about Eva Engines. We were very touched to appear in this special contest edition of Please Magazine last year, a magazine featuring contemporary designers and promoting creative environments for fashion. 

Here is an insight on the interview:

“ You’ve also launched Eva Engines, a search engine that uses facial recognition to cast models. How does it work?

The brands’ needs have changed, especially with Instagram, new technologies, influencers, stories, digital advertising, and so on. We therefore want to put new technologies, including artificial intelligence, at the service of the fashion industry. My desire is to shape the new generation of models and to position myself between technology, fashion, casting and, broadly speaking, marketing.

By querying specifically for what we’re looking for, do we not shut ourselves off to finding new “faces”?

Indeed. And that’s why the Eva Engines adventure is just beginning. I am fully aware that creation must involve more than mere novelty, but rather a profound change that finds its roots in transformation at the design level. And that is what we intend to implement.

Thank you to Mélody Thomas for writing this article and Clément Guinamard for making this happen.

Click here to the read the full interview

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