Even though our two co-founders have opposite personalities, they are nonetheless, complementary, so let us tell you the recipe behind Eva Engines :

Take a handful of introversion, add a bowl of extraversion, mix it until smooth consistency and for the cherry on top… take a dash of daring, a glimpse of uniqueness, a cup of tenacity and a thick slice of reliability.

Level of cooking : hard.

Preparation time : 27 years and counting.


PART 1 : Céline Delaugère.

Go. for. it.


26 years old,

Main characteristics: tenacious, unique, calm, smart.

Accomplishing something already knowing you’ll win ? No way. “No”… it’s the word Céline Delaugère would never say if she faced a new challenge. In fact, she probably never would’ve become a model if she already knew she could. Born and raised in Paris, Céline Delaugère always felt attracted to maths and majored in it before taking an interest in IT and thanks to modeling : Artificial Intelligence. Céline is and was always called “different” than others, when she started modeling in an industry closely linked to the concept of beauty with symmetry and mathematics, it naturally piqued her curiosity. She started her work on the generation of faces with AI to know what would happen if she applied all those ideas to models. Passionate and driven by the idea to build a company with the potential to develop and grow, she will always try to find a way to outreach limits, and technology is what she chose to use to bring solutions to brands and modeling agencies with Eva Engines.

As for her mentality, Céline is a go-getter with strong feelings for art and sport to keep her focused in her daily life.

Be aware, it is important to be ambitious.

“You tell yourself that if you don’t bring solutions then maybe someone else will but that’s not true. You need to impose what you want to do if you see a problem and want to bring a solution”. – Céline Delaugère.

PART 2 : David Zerah.

Leave your mark


27 years old,

Main characteristics : outgoing, lively, perceptive, smart.

As a strong believer in Eva Engines and the world of tomorrow, the notion to leave his mark behind is important to David. Originally interested in mathematics, he grew to love IT. After he graduated from Paris Dauphine he went on to Centrale School to develop his new passion. The idea to have the ability to build anything from scratch with a computer conquered him and allowed him to be able to create anything he wanted from scratch. He realized he wanted to make a contribution to the modernisation of the world. Going from a concept, to an idea, to the concrete realization of your project and especially seeing it’s utility for others felt so rewarding that the entrepreneur in him, waiting to come out, started to wake up.

With already one successful start-up in his pocket, he decided to take over another challenge : the fashion tech industry.

Every Once in a while, David practices another passion of his : aviation, he takes off in the air to clear his head and refocus.

Very thoughtful of the people around him, with, quoting from his associate, gifted with “a big emotional intelligence”, David puts at the center of Eva Engines the harmony of the members of the team with the hope of becoming as big as they can.

“Be tenacious, don’t get discouraged. The entrepreneur’s crusade is like a roller coaster, there are good and bad days and part of the key is to have a great team of people who complete each other. – David Zerah.
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