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Eva Engines made it to La Maison des Start-ups LVMH incubator program at Station F, Paris and it is only the start of something promising ! With intense shared values, entering LVMH is a story in need of being written. 


If you haven’t read anything about us yet, there are only two words you need to recall to know what we are about : FASHION & TECHNOLOGY. Always using the latest research papers in AI, we are in constant search of innovative solutions to bring to fashion brands and modeling agencies. An environment like the LVMH start-up accelerator set to propulse companies further into the business world will broaden our business opportunities.


Our new adventure with LVMH is giving us a chance to develop ourselves even more and fulfill higher goals in the french luxury eco system, by taking the technology we created at Polytechnique’s school incubator in 2019, to the next level. Being an entrepreneur means being willing to take risks to offer better options to the world and we feel confident that with the team of experts of LVMH, Eva Engines will help more fashion brands tomorrow. 


The fashion industry is full of talented artists and well known fashion houses who are confronted with the digitalization of today’s world. How we combine each technology at Eva Engines with the never-ending changes occurring in the fashion world is meant to boost creative minds. AI is the tool that is helping us remove a little of the weight of technical tasks originally done by humans to leave more room for creativity.


We are already reaching out to fashion luxury brands and now with La Maison des Start-ups LVMH, by our side, we will be able to acquire more visibility and a targeted audience within the Luxury and Fashion industry. 

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