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From tech to modeling and entrepreneurship ?

Justice, Transparency, Positivity, these are the three important things brands need to focus on according to Daphnée Lucenet, founder of Elytiz Casting, a platform that connects people from the fashion industry together, between models, photographers and brands, to help them navigate through the practices of this industry.

While discussing their points of views on the values of their companies, Daphnée Lucenet  and our CEO, Céline Delaugère, realized they had similar ideals/goals. They both come from modeling and both detected needs and problems that they wanted to solve and it resulted in the creation of their own companies. Daphnée Lucenet wanted to create an ethical and responsible modeling platform that could direct castings and manage bookings while respecting every single actor from the fashion modeling chain. From models to photographers, she succeeded by starting her business and creating Elytiz Casting. When Céline Delaugère launched Eva Engines, she also wanted to help the fashion industry by improving the scouting processes for models, in a sustainable approach with a platform accessible by computer anywhere, preventing agents and brands from using airplanes or other means of transports to travel.

Entrepreneurship was the answer for them and the key they needed to be heard and make a change in this industry for the better.

It’s the reason why they decided to partner up and create Search & Book.

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