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Female Founder Challenge 2019

Last year, Eva Engines entered the Female Founder Challenge with Céline Delaugère, our CEO.

The Female Founder Challenge is the creation of 50inTech and Vivatech. The goal is to help women founders and co-founders of start-ups boost their finances and facilitate access to VC funds.

In the start-up/entrepreneurial world, women are less likely to find investors for their company because funds are more invested in man-led start-ups. According to a study done in 2019 by SISTA X BCG on inequality of investments between men and women founders, women founders have approximately 30 % less chance of finding investments and usually receive 2,5 times less funds than male founders, it is time to change that. We were selected over 390 other candidates and landed in the top 50 candidates. Participating this far in this contest was an incredible opportunity for Eva Engines to be more visible and be a part of the diversification of women founders, in technology !

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