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Eva Engines for ZOZO Fashion Tech News

Eva Engines travels to Japan...Metaphorically !

We are pleased to appear in ZOZO Fashion Tech News with an interview conducted by Hanako Hirata.

Céline Delaugère explained that it is while studying AI and modeling at the same time that she came up with Eva Engines : she needed to fix fashion problems with AI. So David Zerah and her created Eva Engines in 2019 in Paris.

Last year, we built our first product : Eva Search, an AI-based search engine that allows brands and model agencies to radically transform their model scouting process. They can upload a referral image, and then select and modify our many filters : from the number of followers, to the country where the models live. The model searching experience is infinite with only a few clicks !

Céline also presented our newest product Eva Generate, a tool that enables designers to visualize future garments by only uploading their sketches onto our platform. The goal is to reduce prototyping and to share ideas quicker !

The fashion industry needs to be modernized, more inclusive and sustainable. And that is what we aim to change with Eva Engines !

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