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In february 2020, Eva Engines participated in the Consumer Electronics Show in LAS VEGAS with Valeo, where we presented a recognition software for gender, age and types of clothes. Behind this algorithm is classifiers technology. 

Image recognition, deep learning, neurones network…Don’t worry, we will explain what classifiers are in this article.


Technology is at the heart of Eva Engines, it is the reason we are able to help brands and agencies find what they want. Trends predicting algorithm, image generation, fittings technologies, fashion is going digital and we are going digital with it.

There are a lot of diverse opinions about A.I., however here, we are using technology as a tool to take action and revolutionize in a positive way, the fashion industry. So, what exactly is our technology about?

Let’s get technical !


Classifiers are the base to creating an image recognition algorithm. They are mathematical functions with the role of assembling datasets from your data and identifying classes for each specific subject or object it detects within your data. To build one you need to use a training set created with data where the class of elements is already known, to use as a model for your classifier. For example: enter an image of a shoe previously labelled “shoe” in the classifier, so that in the future your system will automatically detect it as a shoe when it’s given images of other shoes that don’t come from your training set. In order to detect objects and class them properly, classifiers need different parameters, like shapes and colors, depending on the object and what your goals are. There are different classifiers like neuronal networks, linear models, regression, that can be used but it always has to be adapted to what you’re trying to achieve.

In our recognition algorithm from CES Las Vegas with Valeo, like in our technology, we used classifiers to detect in an image or video how old the subject was, what it was wearing and their gender by analyzing certain points in the face and the shapes of clothes. In another video we made during the Covid-19 containment, our algorithm could detect a person with a mask on and without a mask on.

Facial recognition algorithms are a big part of the technology we use at Eva Engines to analyze faces and encounter matches on our Eva Search Platform to find and scout new faces for brands and the models of tomorrow.

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