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Being a model… a path towards entrepreneurship

Christelle Yambayisa was born in Rwanda in 1988 and came to France in 1994 due to the war happening in Rwanda at that time. She graduated from a Master’s degree in Marketing and started modeling when she was 28 years-old. 

Christelle Yambayisa and Céline Delaugère, our CEO, have more than modeling in common. For both, modeling sent them down the road of entrepreneurship. Being a model forged them to become entrepreneurs, it taught them how to manage their careers in their direction and link their passion to their work.

If Christelle learned one thing from being a model is to be willing to take risks and dive in, leading her to the creation of Nouveau App, where users test products for brands and give reviews to help improve customer/brand relationships.

For Céline, it opened another set of doors to the world and others, when she was surrounded by mathematics and AI, it gave her the idea for Eva Engines. 

Always ending up in different scenarios, adaptability is the most important quality that modeling gave them.

Watch the video for further details

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