Be scouted with an Instagram Filter !

In 2014, IMG models created the #weloveyourgenes hashtag so instagram users could post a picture with this hashtag to get scouted by the famous model agency. It is only fair to say it was a big success and allowed the agency to scout the next generation of models through Instagram. However, trends evolve on instagram and one of the latest trends is the use of instagram filters. Celebrity or not, everyone is using them, and they come in many forms: games, questions, beauty filters, distorting filters… To help brands keep up on major trends and the daily share of Instagram’s new users per day, Eva Engines decided to create a scouting filter for the people who want to be scouted to become models.

The purpose of scouting new faces through Instagram

The creation of this filter is a contribution to scouting models in an active approach to open wider possibilities to the users of Eva Search.

As we know, Instagram represents 500 million people logging in each day, all around the world, and a billion users monthly. It has become so present it has changed our lifestyle and is telling us it is time to revolutionize how we do things. Our current database on Eva Search is approximately composed of 1 million profiles so this is the perfect opportunity for brands and agencies to come across even more new faces.

It is also the occasion to give the chance to someone who wishes to become a model on our platform, where there is not just one agency but multiple agencies searching at the same time, doubling, tripling… quadrupling the odds for one to be discovered.

The how to becoming or finding a model

All anyone has to do is take a picture with the filter and post it on their instagram, their story or directly send it to @Eva_Engines. The picture will be transferred onto Eva Search’s Database, in a specific area. Easily accessible to brands and agencies, they can take over from there and look among all the pictures to make a decision and contact the person.

A new filter ! Where ?

The filter is available at any time on Eva Engines’ Instagram profile (@Eva_engines) and accessible from a mobile phone or with this link : .

Eva Engines Scouting filter signed by Ran Bensimon

The filter was designed by the talented Ran Bensimon, an Israeli digital video filmmaker artist known for his short films “xxxO” in 2017 and “Relatable” in 2019. Thank you for creating the perfect representation of all the main assets of Eva Engines : facial recognition, technology and fashion.

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