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At the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and Fashion. How can AI help fashion ?

Changing the fashion industry positively has become a big concern for brands as well as consumers and all the smaller actors in this industry. Tony Pinville*, CEO of Heuritech, and Céline Delaugère, CEO of Eva Engines, decided their companies would address this important issue with Artificial Intelligence, a valuable tool to help humans.

After researching AI in various areas, Tony Pinville realized that the millions of images circulating on social media could help brands to know how to produce the right product at the right time. Thanks to the combination of his research on images on social media and fashion, he became the CEO of a trend forecasting company that he created with his associate, Charles Ollion.

Céline and Tony can agree. By helping brands produce in the right way, whether it’s with Eva Engines and a better casting process or by predicting future trends with Heuritech, they can contribute to change positively the fashion industry by using AI. Tony is explaining that all those annoying tedious little tasks like classifiers, exploring data, understanding it… treated by AI is facilitating humans jobs’ and decision making, so we can focus on what we do very well like the artistic side. AI is just a tool who needs humans behind it to be creative, it helps almost like a super-power Céline would say. Being able to predict trends or scout models from a computer through AI can be a great way to reduce production, travelling costs and their stock of unsold items.

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