With our platform: go from a sketch to a proto in seconds.

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Does your team usually has to do several samples for one garment and in the end has to change the mind or even cancel it?

Does your creative/design team sometimes use photoshop to check if the ideas are going to work or nice together?


As a designer, did you ever have the issues to present and show perfectly your ideas to the creative director?


As a creative director, does the decision process takes a very long time, cost a lot and sometimes still arrive with cancellations?

Then we are here for you!

For designers to quickly trigger and generate the ideas.

And for brands to make better decisions.

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If we imagine that the Eva Engines solution is finally well-architected and flexible in use, end customers will be able to use it more in the context of Fashion Virtualization, especially the processes of digital assets for saving materials and selling the idea before the garment.

—  Guido Turco

Project Director, LECTRA


What type of sketch should I upload ?

Our AI is trained to recognize all types of sketch, from paper to digital sketches.

How can I start using Eva Generate?

If you are interested in Eva Generate, or if you want to have more information about it, do not hesitate to request us a demo.

Can I share files easily with my team ? 

We are making sure that Eva Generate integrates seamlessly in your workflow, so yes you can. 

Can I directly draw the sketch on the platform with my tablet?

Yes, our users are able to draw a sketch on the platform with tablets or upload  a sketch directly to the dashboard.

When will the new version release?

September 2021

How good is the quality of the virtual garment image? 

Right now, we can generate 1024x1024 pixels high resolution images thanks to our new neural networks.

How is it different than Clo-3D or Photoshop ?

We use generative AI instead of classical 3D design and computer design and the results are instantaneous once you upload your sketch.

Why are we not generating 3D images?

Currently our Version 1 will only support 2D renderings, but for Version 2 we will add 3D renderings.

Why should I use Eva Generate?

With us, the designers can go from a sketch to a realistic 2D product image in 60s, which could shorten the lead-time and reduce so much fabric waste.