Today, the fashion industry is facing huge challenges : adapting to the digital world, becoming sustainable and showing more diversity.

Coming from the fashion industry, we have observed these issues from the inside. They are consequences of society evolutions. With our expertise in AI and technology, we deeply believe that AI can be the solution to set up the future of fashion. 


We want to be the bridge between fashion and AI with forward looking brands and people who have the vision of doing fashion better. Our mission is to create fashion’s digital and sustainable transition by boosting human capacities with powerful AI solutions


Our ambition is to become the leader in terms of generative AI solutions.

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When was Eva Engines founded ?

In 2019, in Paris.

How did you get the idea ?

Céline, our CEO, is a fashion model : she discovered the industry's issues from within.

Did your raise funds ?

Not yet ! 

How did you meet ?

In Dauphine & then reconnected in 2019 to create Eva Engines

Where does the name Eva Engines come from ?

The name of our startup comes from Eve, the first woman on Earth. Adding an “A” to her name symbolizes her renewal, the birth of a modern woman : Eva. She personifies the rebirth that we craft for fashion. 


Engine is a word that can be as technically abstract as it can be concrete. 


Building practical ways of boosting human capacities is at the core of our engines. Our AI algorithms are conceptual tools that we turn concrete.

Do Eva Generate and Eva Plus work together ?

Not yet but we intend to make a great all-in-one product in the future.

What are you core values ?

Not having limits




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