Today, fashion brands are facing huge challenges : how to adapt to the digital world, become sustainable and show more diversity ? 


Coming from the fashion industry, we have observed these issues directly from the inside, as consequences of society evolutions and decided to rethink fashion with digital and AI.


With our expertise in AI and technology, we deeply believe that AI can be the solution to set up the future of fashion. 


We want to be the bridge between fashion and AI with forward looking brands and people who have the vision of doing fashion better.

Our ambition is to become the leader of Fashion Tech in generative AI. The fashion industry needs a real transformation and we want to build a new way of doing fashion for brands.

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Scouting your fashion models with AI

Why EVA Generate ?

We are launching EVA Generate to visualize your garment from a technical drawing to a realistic picture. This reduces the cost of sample and photoshooting production. Fashion brands lose a lot of time, energy and resources between the design phase of a garment and the sampling process : we want to solve this problem.


So, how can EVA Generate help me ?

We are the bridge between fashion and AI.

Our solution is super simple : you only have to upload your flat drawing and choose a fabric. Then, our algorithms instantaneously produce either a flat shot of the garment or the clothes worn on a AI-generated model ! 


Let me get this straight, EVA Generate can create the exact clothes that I am considering making, allowing me to try various fabrics and review them on a virtual model ? 

Exactly. Eva Generate can help you visualize your future garments either on a flat picture or worn on any type of model. It is up to you to dress them the way you want. Neither EVA nor us can read your mind, but yes, this could save you a lot of time, money and also develop your brand sustainably ! 


Scouting your fashion models with AI

What is it ? 

SEARCH BY EVA is an AI search engine. When you need a specific model, our algorithms will browse millions of model profiles on Instagram to find the one you imagined in a few clicks.


Woohoo, you have already lost me, what does SEARCH BY EVA do ?

Upload a referral image of a face, set your criterias (gender, location, amount of followers…) and launch your search. 

Now, all you have to do is choose !


Sounds very technical, but how does it work ? 

Our algorithms cover all public profiles on Instagram to provide a large diversity of models while our search engine uses computer vision algorithms to check in every image that could fit our clients’ needs. 


All right, this is pretty cool actually ! But who is it for ? 


We think so ! It is made only for the fashion industry professionals. And considering that you have made it so far on our website, SEARCH BY EVA might be for you ! 




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